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GirlStyle Taiwan Hosted A Perfect Summer Party

GirlStyle Taiwan has been deeply rooted in the hearts of Taiwanese female audiences nowadays, perfectly hosted her first party for her loyal fans at Aloft Taipei Zhongshan this Summer. Aiming to give participants an extraordinary ‘Summer Day’ experience, the party was not only rich in programmes suitable for this season but also very rewarding.

The party was meticulously decorated with a number of fantasy check-in points. Participants were able to experience Summer limited cold drinks "Love Special Drink"; and to try out the latest products to create a "Summer Love Makeup"!

The party was interesting and rich in content, so all 60 guests gave positive feedback to us after the event. Over 90% of the participants expressed "satisfaction with the event" and were willing to "recommend friends to participate in the activities held by GirlStyle Taiwan"!

In addition, there were participants who took the initiative to give feedback, "Not only are the content of the two lectures fun and interesting, but the gifts are also very rich! Hope the organiser could continue to hold similar activities!"

On that day, all staff worked very hard to complete a joyful event. So, participants pointed out in the event survey that "the entire process and operation of the event, as well as the quality and attitude of the staff, are excellent" and "the attitude of the staff. Good, I like it!"

In the end, the climax of the party, ”Big Lucky Draw”, was arranged. More than half of the participants had won their prizes, while everyone could also get an exclusive gift.

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, while the Taiwan branch has been taking drastic measures to prevent the pandemic. Taiwan colleagues have been working actively together to complete their tasks during the holidays and to deliver impressive results. The management of PressLogic Hong Kong headquarters sincerely thanked every Taiwanese employee for their efforts, making the large party smoothly completed, gaining both fame and fortune for the Company.

Apart from participants, GirlStyle Taiwan once again is grateful to BRAND’S, Deesse Vivante, Kanebo COFFRET D'OR, Kanebo ALLIE, IZMIZ for sponsoring the Summer Party. More party highlights can be found here on GirlStyle 台灣女生日常.


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