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Our Ad-Tech Ecosystem

Unlock Your Brand's Full Potential with PressLogic Group's Winning Combination of Data, MarTech and Content Solutions.

Why PressLogic

Extensive and growing audience reach.

Tap into a vast audience reach of over 13 million engaged social subscribers across the Asia-Pacific region. This provides clients with a unique opportunity to reach the right audiences through customized advertising solutions that are tailored to meet their specific goals.

Great data. Great tech. Great results.

Leverage strong machine learning data insights, cutting-edge mar-tech products, and content strategy to power up the traffic and conversions of 9 media brands and over 1,000 client projects. With extensive experience in the digital media industry and deep expertise in the ad-tech ecosystem, PressLogic provides comprehensive solutions that deliver real results for our clients through AI, technology, data, and social media.

Analytics-based and dynamic solutions

Deliver winning and tailored solutions that meet our clients' unique business goals by combining data-driven insights, advanced Mar-Tech technology, and content strategies. We operate in a fast-paced and dynamic workplace, constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver analytics-based solutions for our clients. We also take a collaborative approach with our clients, gaining a deep understanding of their unique challenges in order to develop customized solutions that deliver real value and impact.

Showcase your brand to the world
Drive massive traffic
Engage audiences, cultivate brand loyalty
Maximize conversions
Increase leads and generate more sales opportunities
Meet Your Targets in One Place

   Attention-grabbing, impactful

   High CTR, up to 40%! 
   Very cost-effective
   Good for lead generation campaigns

Pop up Desktop & Mobile Image

   High visibility - appears in the user's natural line of sight as they scroll through content

   Engaging - includes interactive elements, more memorable and effective at driving brand awareness

   Non-intrusive - better user experience and lower ad fatigue

   Flexible design

Interscroller Mobile Full Video

   High visibility
⟩   Non-intrusive - blend seamlessly into the content, creates a more positive user experience
⟩   Space-efficient -  fit into a wide range of mobile screen sizes and layouts
⟩   Cost-effective

LREC Mobile Position M1-4


   High visibility

   Non-intrusive - blend seamlessly into the organic content

Half Page Desktop

A data-driven analytics SaaS that leverages ad intelligence to turn insights into viral content and optimize client’s ROI.



Specializes in social media ad strategies through online marketplaces and content, delivering up to 50x ROI and ROAS for clients.



An innovative marketing agency that combines data, Mar-Tech, and content solutions to excel beyond traditional agencies and deliver winning results.


Ultimately, at PressLogic Group, we focus on delivering measurable results and driving conversions for clients. By leveraging the power of data, mar-tech and content strategy, PressLogic Group have successfully delivered outstanding marketing results for over 1,000 client projects. 

ROI-focused Mar-Tech

GirlStyle 女生日常

A popular magazine for young females, covering beauty care, fashion trends, lifestyle and fitness health.

HolidaySmart 假期日常 | Jom Explore

An lifestyle magazine for locals, featuring trendy products, food, travel, and daily offers with exclusive discounts. 


A fast-growing magazine that provides new business, investment, technology and entrepreneurial inspiration.

Our ad-tech ecosystem of PressLogic Group comprises a diverse portfolio of market-leading digital media brands in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea and Malaysia. We rapidly accumulate our target communities to over 13 million followers across our 9 media brands in the APAC region.

Digital Media & Data-driven Content Strategy

MamiDaily 親子日常

Exclusively for mothers or mom-to-be to gain expertise on pregnancy, parenting, progression, dressing and baby apparel.

UrbanLife Health 健康新態度

Focuses on promoting quality livelihood, providing the latest topics on health care, wellness, sports, and fitness.


Features trendy content related to beauty, fashion, shopping, lifestyle, art, self-love, relationships and careers, promoting physical and mental well-being.


Offers girls a quality lifestyle by sharing the most updated brands, fashion & accessories, beauty, shopping, art, health and fitness.

Kdaily 韓粉日常

Caters to Korean culture enthusiasts. It is a hub for the latest trends and pop culture news, as well as Korean food and travel-related content.

CatCity 貓奴日常

Offers a wealth of cat-related content, including expert knowledge, must-visit pet-friendly destinations, and the latest in cat accessories. 

PetCity 毛孩日常 

At PetCity, we believe that all pets deserve love and care. Stay informed with our latest pet-related news, expert advice and product recommendations.

Case Study

Marketing success can be elusive, but together we overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results, proving that with our expertise and determination, the impossible can become possible.