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Huge Success: GirlStyle Taiwan 2023 Festival Draws 8,000+ Attendees & Gift Packs Sold Out In 2 Weeks

We are thrilled to announce the successful happening of PressLogic Group’s second “Festival of GirlStyle Taiwan 2023” (仲夏YAY玩祭)! Last month, Taiwan Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was transformed into a summer wonderland, where 8,000+ of our GirlStyle Taiwan readers gathered to enjoy an array of engaging activities.

Highlights of the weekend include lucky draws, themed photography spots, a vibrant handicraft market with 36+ vendors, engaging workshops and electrifying live performances.

PressLogic’s CEO and founder, Ryan Cheung has also visited us personally for the event!

As one of the most anticipated events of 2023, our festival yielded excellent feedback from our readers, with our gift packs selling out in as little as two weeks. The satisfaction rate of our participants also reached an outstanding 4.7/5, stating they are likely to return for next year’s festival! It was truly a joyous celebration of Summer and having fun day and night!

We were proud to build upon the success of last year and reach new heights with our GirlStyle Taiwan festival this year. The festival presents an ideal platform for our clients to showcase their products to a receptive readership.

As we celebrate this milestone, we would like to extend our gratitude to all our fans, sponsors and teammates of GirlStyle Taiwan. Please stay tuned for our next event and we hope to see you again!


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