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Unleash the Fun: PressLogic's first 'Take Your Pet to Work Day' Creates Pawsitively Memorable Exper

Extend the impact: PressLogic's first “Take Your Pet to Work Day” was a pawsitively amazing experience in September. Join us in championing animal adoption and welfare, empowering a compassionate corporate culture together.

As advocates for animal adoption and welfare, we celebrated International Dog Day by holding our first Take Your Pet to Work Day last week. On this joyous occasion, our teams were invited to bring their beloved pets to our offices! Our offices were transformed into pet-friendly zones, providing free pet snacks and supplies.

To foster connections, we even crafted adorable staff cards for our furry friends and introduced them to fellow colleagues.

The event highlighted PressLogic's commitment to promoting animal welfare and an engaging work environment. Thank you to our colleagues and furry friends for their enthusiastic participation. We look forward to continuing our efforts in creating a positive work culture together.

Stay tuned for our next celebration!


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