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PressLogic CEO Ryan shares entrepreneurial journey and strategic vision in Gafencu interview

The CEO & founder Ryan had previously been interviewed by " Gafencu " magazine. During the interview, Ryan talked about his entrepreneurial journey, PressLogic's current situation, and the future strategic direction of the company. Meanwhile, it included some advice Ryan gave to start-up founders. This interview was published on the website of " Gafencu " a few days ago, click here to read

In the interview, Ryan mentioned how he started the business and how he sees PressLogic in 5 years, "I want to see the PressLogic group leverage its data and continue expansion into different markets. If travel reopens by 2022-23, then we have plans to expand outside Asia into North America. We hope to become a more elevated, advanced and sophisticated data-technology company that utilises and is reliant on data and artificial intelligence to help our branded partners and merchants boost their revenues.

After several years of improvements, our in-house software product (MediaLens) is now very sophisticated and can help create highly effective analytical insights for branding and advertisement purposes. The AI in the software uses a kind of reverse engineering approach in its algorithm, helping us to track our competitors’ social media movements and performance, and then compare that with ours. We can even track which company is using which influencer or KOL for its advertising.

MediaLens is a powerful tool, and after using it in-house for five years, we are now ready to find another revenue stream, so the plan is to re-launch the product and pitch it to others. Any digital content creator who works with advertisers will find it extremely useful in driving social media traffic."

We strongly believe that online content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to promote the products and service, with all the efforts that we put in and combine with the MediaLens data analysis system and AI machine learning that we facilitate with to maximise the profit of our clients.

" Gafencu " is an international luxury lifestyle monthly available in both print and digital editions, providing definitive coverage of contemporary style and culture. Each month they feature interviews with influential movers and shakers, stylish individuals and great entrepreneurial minds.


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