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Google Cloud|PressLogic Expands Global Business At Ease With Leading Cloud Technology

PressLogic has recently been featured on Google Cloud official website. Nowadays, online media has become a battleground for brands to increase their market shares. Google Cloud helps companies to accelerate the digital transformation and expand business globally more efficiently. Together with Google Cloud, PressLogic have achieved prosperous results and managed to grow the market more efficiently.

Google Cloud x PressLogic results

  • Saves 30% of operational costs and relieve more resources

  • With Cloud Load Balancing, reduces app latency to under 500 milliseconds

  • With BigQuery, shortens over 12X data query time

  • Manages 7 regional offices more competently

Enhancing digital performance with reducing 30% operational costs

During the interview with Google Cloud, Edward Chow, founder and CTO at PressLogic mentioned that the mission of PressLogic is “to create new media commerce ecosystem which provides compelling content and supports effective online marketing campaigns”. Since 2018, PressLogic has migrated the cloud infrastructure of its 9 media brands and MediaLens to Google Cloud so that PressLogic is able to enhance the digital performance and reduce operational costs effectively.

Together with Hong Kong's enduring advantages, achieving global business expansion at ease

As of January 2023, PressLogic owns 7 regional offices with more than 270 staff worldwide. In the interview, Chow reveals that PressLogic is planning to grow the business in new overseas markets. By leveraging the global network, high-performance infrastructure and data analytics tools of Google Cloud, PressLogic is able to support quality services in a new region “without configuring cross-region load balancing by itself” and continue to accelerate the global market expansion.


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