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The first PressLogic's Learning Hub event unites marketers to discuss latest MediaTech trends

The first PressLogic Learning Hub 2022 was held on 14 December successfully. Hundreds of PressLogic’s business clients were invited and we discussed valuable opinions on MediaTech in this collaborative and inventive community. With PressLogic’s proprietary algorithms and exceptional people, PressLogic helped the clients re-define their social marketing strategies and achieved tremendous growth!

In the Learning Hub, Ryan Cheung, PressLogic’s CEO & Founder, Cherry Liu, VP of Business Strategy and Christine Lai, Director of Content Strategy, shared the latest MediaTech content insights and the most versatile marketing tools MediaLens to help clients grow businesses. In the coming year, PressLogic will continue to strive and achieve more for our clients.

Planning to Take Your Business to the Next Level?


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