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PressLogic Awarded As Caring Company

PressLogic is honoured to have been awarded as the ‘Caring Company' for the second time by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, recognizing our outstanding performance in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

PressLogic has always been committed to providing high-quality online content, while actively promoting environmental protection, caring for employees, and sparing no effort in participating in charity and social welfare activities, encouraging employees to care for the community through co-organizing and participating in different types of voluntary work. As a good corporate citizen, PressLogic will continue to establish strategic partnerships with different charitable organisations to care for and contribute to society.

Launched by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme aims to build a cohesive society by promoting strategic partnerships among business and social service partners and inspiring corporate social responsibility through caring for the community, employees and the environment.


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