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PressLogic Expands To New Hong Kong Office

PressLogic Hong Kong has officially moved into her new office in early July. Covering over 11,000 square feet, PressLogic’s new office is strategically located right above Lai Chi Kok MTR Station. Doubling the original size, the enlarged office is surely one of the biggest milestones of PressLogic’s development, and reflects the importance of Hong Kong’s market to PressLogic. It also symbolizes that Hong Kong will continue to be PressLogic’s business hub in the Asia Pacific region. With the new office expansion, PressLogic will continue to hire talents from different industries such as marketing, sales, editorial and IT.

According to Facebook’s report, the Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing region and its revenue growth is also the fastest. More than 4.4 million people in Hong Kong use Facebook every month, reflecting a penetration rate of over 60% in Hong Kong. Two out of three people have Facebook accounts; more than 86% have used mobile devices to log in to Facebook. Therefore, PressLogic, which focuses on the development of the Asia Pacific region, decided to seize the opportunity to follow the rapid development of Hong Kong's mobile network; increase the investment in Hong Kong, and extend the sales and marketing business.

PressLogic Hong Kong has poured millions of Hong Kong dollars into its new office. With aims to stimulate staff innovation and cross-team collaborations, the office adopts the same open-office concept found in its counterparts across the globe. We wish to consistently produce native articles and videos and deliver high-quality content to touch and inspire everyone’s heart.

The new office showcased how PressLogic treasures her employees as they can enjoy plenty of facilities in a cozy environment. The office is open with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that introduce outdoor scenery and natural sunlight to the inside. It saves energy and protects the environment while creating a bright and open atmosphere to make the office full of life. The all-in-one pantry has snacks, drinks and coffee for employees to enjoy! In addition, the office has a lot of incredible photography spots, comfortable common spaces, lifting desks, meeting hub, a big meeting room with video conferencing function, as well as a breastfeeding room for mother-employees.

‘Our expanded office reflects our continued commitment to the Hong Kong market, and shape a better tomorrow by bringing talents together,’ CEO said.


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