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PressLogic Offers Job Tasting Experience To Secondary Students

Earlier this year, PressLogic was invited by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government to participate in "Life Buddies", a youth mentoring scheme aiming to promote mentoring culture in the community to help youth from disadvantaged backgrounds move upward in society, and thereby reducing intergenerational poverty. PressLogic CEO readily accepted the invitation, and claimed ‘ the activity is fruitful because it can provide the students with real work experiences and provide an opportunity for us to make contributions to the society. It can also unite the company to work together, and let colleagues know what young people think in order to stay close to the trend.

On 11-12 July, 2019, PressLogic’s cross departments have organized a two-day job tasting programme for eight students from New Asia Middle School and Pui Tak Canossian Primary School. The whole company has designed and prepared a series of activities for the students, including company introduction, office and studio tours, career demonstrations, staff experience sharing, career talks, etc. Some departments have also arranged job shadowing sessions for students to gain first-hand experience in real-life work and shooting.

According to the surveys done by the participating students, they all expressed “agree” or “strongly agree” that the job tasting experience provided by PressLogic enables them to experience the actual work situation, understand the functions/businesses of the department/institution; as well as to explore their personal career interests so as to plan for their future studies and employment.

PressLogic gave her deepest gratitude and appreciation to all participating departments for their great support and cooperation with each other, especially for their time in their busy schedules, so that ‘Life Buddies’ could be successfully completed, and the younger generation would be inspired and guided to help them improve their life skills, enhance their exposure, engage in/maintain participation in education, training and employment, develop a vision for their future, and make preparation for achieving education, training and career goals.


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