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PressLogic Staff Workshop Shares Christmas Joy With Needy

Achieving a work-life balance is never easy in hectic Hong Kong that we live in. That’s why PressLogic is trying in a creative way to organise a workshop with a good cause at the office for her employees to make life easier. It can also help young people who do not have work experience and improve their employability.

PressLogic partnered with the NGO ‘GoGoCare Platform’ to organise a workshop. Some young people were hired as mentors to guide our 20 employees to handmake "Preserved Flowers in glass bottles”. Whenever a colleague produces a bottle of preserved flowers, the company would purchase an additional bottle from the NGO as part of the donation, benefiting more people.

The workshop was specially arranged before Christmas to add festive cheer to the office. Colleagues can also make gifts for themselves or beloved ones. What's more meaningful is to encourage employees to communicate through various activities to establish a good and close relationship, as well as a happy workplace.

As part of the community, PressLogic strives to give back to the community, encourages employees to participate in philanthropy, helps those in need, practices the common values ​​of the company from top to bottom, and becomes a responsible corporate citizen.


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