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GirlStyle 台灣女生日常 Celebrates 1 Million Followers Milestone

PressLogic’s first overseas digital media, GirlStyle 台灣女生日常, has reached over 1 million followers on Facebook this month.

Amidst fierce competition in Taiwan’s social media publisher market, GirlStyle 台灣女生日常 could still start from zero to over a million followers in such a short time. This year’s revenue has also surged 300% to a record high so far. The success is attributed to the entire Taiwan team.

PressLogic’s CEO Ryan said “Passion never fails.’ I am so grateful to have this incredible Taiwan team. The success belongs to them. They are so enthusiastic to do better and better. I believe that’s the reason why our average active engagement ratio has crowned #1 among keen competitors in Taiwan.’

As GirlStyle 台灣女生日常 continues to steal the eyes in the community, the city's new star has attracted a lot of clients’ co-operation in a short time. Showcases include

The next goal of GirlStyle 台灣女生日常 is aiming to continue its success to boost sales and profits in developed markets alike and reinforce the content in general to improve performance.


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